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Pencil Shaft

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Why Choose Pencil Pleat Curtains?

One of the things that are essential to any home or room for that matter is curtains. Curtains help control the natural light that you want to bring into your room, the amount of privacy you would want and also help in regulating the temperature inside your room. This is why it is important to think of the type of curtains that you will place in your room. There are various types of curtains, some are simple and some are elaborate.

There are some people that find it hard to think of the type of curtain that they need and want in their home which sometimes, makes them just grab the first thing that they see. However, this can result to costly mistakes such as getting the wrong size of curtains – it is either too small or too big and the like.

One of the most popular options today is pencil pleat curtains because of its convenience and of course its style. Pencil pleat curtains as the name suggests are already pleated which automatically gives it that shirred effect that most of us want with soft fabric curtains. Here are the reasons why people choose pencil pleat curtains:

1. No need to compute excess dimensions for shirring

People who want that shirred effect on curtains but get so confused with the computation that shirrs need choose pencil pleat ones because the shirred effect is automatically there. They do not need to do detailed measurement computations anymore. All they need to do is buy the size that’s closest to their windows’ sizes. No need to think if you’d be adding 10 or more inches to achieve that shirred effect.

This means that you can be assured that you can get that nice shirred flow effect.

2. No need for valances

Pencil pleat curtains are also usually picked by people who do not have the time to think of and buy window valances. These curtains are made in such a way that these already look good without having the need to put a valance over it. It is presentable already so you can just buy the size that you want and then proceed with hanging it over your window.

3. Design and Style

Of course, people also prefer this curtain type because of the designs that it comes in. These have various designs and styles which can match your home’s style and interior design. So all you need to do is get the right size for your window, pick out the styles that you want, purchase it and hang it as soon as you get home.

Overall, it’s convenient, readily available, can be easily purchased and installed, and come it great designs as well.
Pencil pleat curtains
are best for those who want style and elegance but do not have the luxury of time to get various window accents and accessories. It’s basically stylish and convenient.

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