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Pigskin Mig

Is a mig glove good enough?

Im taking a welding class and i bought a black stallion pigskin mig glove. the glove doesnt seem very tough but its very comfortable will it be good enough to use for stick and tig welding and also oxy fuel.

The glove will be ok for tig welding and oxy fuel welding.
For stick welding you will find that the mig glove is not insulated enough from the heat stick welding produces.

There is available an aluminazed heat shield that pulls over the four fingers on any glove.
It is about 4" by 5" with elastic straps.

I use one of these in addition to a heavy welding glove when running a 1/16" mig wire welder.

Another thing that works well is a regular pair of cheap cotton back leather gloves.
Smear a light coating of any kind of silicone caulking/ sealer over the top/ cotton part of the glove and let it cure over night.
The coating of silicone will prevent sparks from burning holes in the cotton.

These gloves for a dollar in bulk are great.

A heavy pair of the bulky welding gloves is something that you will find you need.
Also available is a bag of either left hand or right hand welding gloves.

Before I found this option I had 10 pair of gloves, the left hand one ruined and the right hand one like new.
I hold the stinger in my right hand and guide my right hand with my left and the left hand glove takes the most abuse.


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