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Pillow Block

can someone help me build a motorized barbecue spit?

I have a 1 inch dia. 5 foot stainless steel spit rod,a pillow block and 1750 rpm motor. need to know what sprockets to use to slow the spit down to three or three and a half rpm's.

Now yours is an intriguing project!
(Sounds like you want to be able to BBQ a whole cow.)

Anyway, to come up with 3.5 rpm you'd need somehow to change 500 rev's of input to 1 rev of output (which you get from dividing 1750 by 3.5) So in effect you're needing a one inch diameter "cog" on the motor and a 500 inch (!) diameter "cog" on the spit, connected together cog-to-cog "teeth" (or maybe a v-belt between pulleys).

Certainly you can do the "transmission" aspect other ways (using a series of pulleys/sprockets, having co-axially mounted "cogs" to effect the reduction, but that's a whole new/other problem.

You might consider buying a commercially available "transmission" that provides this reduction (500 to 1) you're after; and get it with more variation -- like 1000 to 500 revs input produces 1 rev output; or respectively 1.75 rpm and 3.5 rpm. GOOD LUCK!

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