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Reading Assignment for AP US history

well..this coming school year ill be taking AP U.S. History.
We were given a massive amount of reading to do over the summer in this huge textbook (which i would love to avoid) so i recently purchased Guide to AP U.S. History created by Sparknotes which seems to have an outline on the all chapters of the actual textbook. i havnt really started it
and i was just wondering if it is any good? cause i know Sparknotes can sometimes be -iffy
and if should i return it and get a better outline?
oh and I didn't buy the Princeton or Barrons because it seemed to be more about studying for the AP test and test taking tips rather than the actual outline of the textbook

even though i know ill need those review books later on in the year
yesyes, i know its an ap class believe me. i took one last year.
but i know someone who is a AP US teacher in another near by district and she even said reading 16 chapters is ridiculous and just to get a review book

If you don't want to do the work, you really shouldn't be signing up for AP classes. The whole idea of AP is to challenge yourself. This won't work in college, BTW.

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