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Range Grip

Superb range of Lamy pens and accessories available through the Pen Company

Lamy pens are considered one of the most desirable writing implements available. They are enigmatic and exquisitively designed offering a superior and smooth writing action and grip. Quality writing implements including an impressive range of Lamy pens and accessories are all available from a leading pen company which offers an impressive array of writing items which include designer and exclusive pens and pen refills all on one engaging website, that website is located at is a company that has become renowned for offering a superb selection of pens and writing accessories. A family run business based in Hitchin, they offer not only superbly crafted pens and writing implements but also years of industry knowledge and a wealth of experience. One of their most popular ranges is the lamy pens range, which is manufactured by a family owned company based in Heidelberg, Germany. They offer a modern twist in their designs and utilise high tech, precision techniques to produce pens of supreme quality and style. The Pen company website is as efficient and versatile as the products on offer, with an exhaustive range of pens and pen refills as well as journals and notebooks. Writing implements come in all shapes and sizes as testified by the huge choice available on their website. From fountain pens, ballpoint through to rollerball pens and mechanical pencils, the compendium of choice is staggering. The website is an expressive online shop front providing detailed and comprehensive descriptions as well as detailed imagery on each of the items. Backed with historical data where applicable, the website ensures the visitor is imparted with sufficient information to make an informed choice. The Pen company offers something a little different in the modern age, where large conglomerates reside in huge shopping areas offering everything from nappies to xylophones, this company specialises in one particular niche market, which is writing implements and ensures that not only do they provide expert advice and knowledge but the products on offer encompass their own ethos of quality first. If considering an impressive writing implement such as a lamy pen , or simply require a pen refill , take a moment to visit the pages of this superb website. For further information visit

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