March 2018
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Reclaimed Lumber

How would you make this reclaimed lumber 'twig' desk?

Any woodworkers out there? I am interested in making a glass table with natural birch pole legs. I would like to create angled legs as in this fifties-era drafting table:

How difficult is this to do? How would I go about it or where can I find instructions? Thanks!

The reason the design works is because of the strength of the steel legs.

I do woodwork and I would never even attempt to make a design as complex as the one shown. The leg angles and balance would be quite tricky. BTW, if you tried to make it out of twigs it would be a nightmare because of the balance, plus using birch wouldn't be advisable because it is too light and the glass top would put too much weight on the legs.

Now if you are a master craftsman, go ahead, you know what you are in for. For someone less skilled this job would be impossible.

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