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Roof Rack

What is the best way to tie a mattress to the roof rack of a van?

I am driving home from college from Boston to Columbus, OH. I would like to take my full-size mattress and box spring with me and tie it to the luggage rack on the roof of my Toyota Sienna van. Is it recommended for such a long trip on the highway? What is the best way to secure the mattress set?

First I'd try to wrap the set in something that would protect it from the weather and wind. Some type of plastic wrap or tarp taped securely. I'd use two or three tie down straps (ratchet strap) available in hardware stores. Place the mattress on the van first with the box spring on top of that. Ratchet the whole thing down with the tie down straps. Take care not to pull the strap down so tight it breaks the box spring, those things will break if you over tighten. Good luck on your trip and I hope this helps :)

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