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Roofing Staples

Using Ty-Vek for RV Roof repair and re enforcement?

Bought a 40 year old travel trailer that is in rough shape.

Not looking to do complete restore, just clean and replace items that are vital for the least amount of money.

Roof seems oxidized, but there is only one noticeable crack. Looking to re enforce the roof and protect it from rain and snow.

Do not care about the appearance.

Would use roof repair tape for crack, and use ty vek wrap for entire roof....Would this help at all, is tv-vek durable enough for the direct elements.

How would I secure the ty-vek to the roof, staples or adhesive?

Tyvek is not for Exposure (good stuff though)... Just get out your sander/polisher and get the loose stuff of the roof (DON"T sand it hard). Then go get yourself some fiberglass matting, and a bucket of epoxy (and Catalyst of course) and go to work. clean off the roof, Spread on the fiberglass mat, and then mix and spread the epoxy over the Mat until all the epoxy is absorbed... let it dry and then repeat another coat of Epoxy (use some white coloring in the Epoxy mix to keep the interior cooler in the summer) to smooth it out and seal it.. (Wear your dust mask and long sleeves) and a couple of hours one day and one hour the next you are done.

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