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Safety Cones

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Traffic Cones, Redirect Hassle to Safety and Convenience

If there are road disruptions such as accidents, road constructions, or even just a fallen tree branch, traffic becomes a hassle to anyone. Fast acting road workers and traffic enforcers immediately come up with ideas to redirect traffic and make it more convenient for those who are stuck in a rut. A temporary but familiar diversion tool that is commonly used in dire times like these is the traffic cones.

The first
traffic cones
were invented by Charles Rudebaker in 1914. They used to be made out of concrete but as the years pass, traffic cones are now made out of thermoplastic and rubber that are more practical and safe than carrying concrete cones around.

Traffic cones are usually placed on the roads or sidewalks to redirect traffic into an alternative route. These bright, orange plastic barriers are used to create temporary road divisions, to merge traffic flows or to block off unavailable traffic lanes due to construction projects or road accidents. They are also referred to as road cones, safety cones, highway cones, construction cones or the more jovial term, witches’ hats.

These traffic cones are especially designed to be highly visible for motorists. Retro reflective strips are often fitted into the cones to produce more luminescent effects particularly during the night.

Orange is the color most commonly used on road cones due to its sharp, fluorescent characteristics, to warn the drivers or passersby of impending danger and caution ahead. It is also the color that promotes awareness of self-injury. They are also available in yellow, pink, red, green, and blue.

In the United States they come in such sizes as:

• 300 mm (12 in) 1.5 lbs- for indoor/outdoor applications

• 450 mm (18 in) 3 lbs- for outdoor applications such as free-way line painting

• 700 mm (28 in) 7 lbs –for non-highway applications ex. local street

• 700 mm (28 in) 10 lbs - for free-way/high-way applications

• 900 mm (36 in) 10 lbs

Safety cones are also used in indoor commonplaces to block off areas that are closed to the public such as slippery floors, renovations or a restroom being out of order. Traffic cones are also used to mark where children are playing or to block off an area.

The distinction of its unique color increases the public’s awareness to be cautious of the imminent hazard ahead. They are light-weight and easy to move around. These are used as first-hand precaution to keep accidents at bay. The traffic cones guide and help control road situations when they are needed immediately.

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