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Safety Vest

additional saw a elementary school teacher with a traffic safety vest on and with his students at the park?

additional question"please answer it" : since the teacher have a safety vest on with his students picking garbage, when the students and teacher are done picking garbage, and they start walking back to the school, can a teacher stand on the street to stop the traffic(car) to help his student to cross to the other side safely? like where the crossing guard usually do his job in the afternoon when students are dismiss?
need answers to this additional question
please answer this additional question thank you
so the teacher cannot take off her safety vest at all times until she is finish doing her duty?

Yes, the teacher has responsibility for the children the whole time she has the students out of the school. Being so, if the class needs to cross a street to or from the school, it is the teachers job to make sure they do it safely.

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