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Callaway Hyper X Fairway Wood Features the Unique VFT Technology (Variable Face Thickness)

Callaway has a line of X Hyper Drivers and X-Hot fairway woods, and People always confused about the two different lines of golf. They both are the famous and hot golf on sale in the golf market. The difference between them is that there was a 2007 X fairway wood that looks very different. The X Hot fairway wood came out last year and resembles the 2007 X fairway wood, but it's much bigger. The new 2008 X fairway wood is 175cc (as is last year's 2007 X fairway wood with the sole that resembles the new Hyper X driver).

But today I will show the Callaway Hyper X Fairway Wood to everyone. Carrying on Callaway Golf's tradition of creating exceptionally high quality fairway woods, the X Fairway range are nothing short of magnificent. Unsurpassed playability, distance and forgiveness are embedded into one of the game’s best selling fairway woods using feedback from a number of well established tour pros to re-energize the fairway wood market. A larger head shape the new head shape is slightly larger to raise the moment of inertia (MOI) which is designed to appeal to a wider range of golfers and deeper clubface giving you added confidence at address, making the X Fairway’s have one of the most effective faces available.

Hyper x fairway woods in cheap golf club sets modified x-sole design X-sole design provides a versatile turf interaction that helps cutting through rough (or thick) fairways or assists in smoothly gliding over tight fairways. It also lowers the leading edge of the fairway wood to help get the ball in the air more efficiently. It now has a slightly deeper face that increases the effective hitting area and provides confidence at address. Increased perimeter weighting It has a strategically positioned internal weighting system that provides a high moment of inertia for superior stability on miss-hits and also optimizes ball flight trajectories from the fairway

The Callaway Hyper X Fairway Wood features their unique VFT technology (Variable Face Thickness) giving explosive ball speed off the clubface to really catapult your shots towards their intended target whether that’s attacking a green or finding a fairway. A fantastic high quality golf club that is easy to use and appealing to all levels of golfers, the Callaway X Fairway series is a performance enhancing range that will not only improve your distance and accuracy but your final score.

Callaway has made a very smooth and classic looking club in the X Hot Fairway Wood. One big difference in feel, mentioned before, is the length of the shaft in the X Hot. The Hyper X is easy to hit, the X Hot is sense to use. Choose one of them, just by yourself.

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