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LEV II Home Elevators - Enhance the Accessibility of Your Home

With LEV II home elevators from ThyssenKrupp Access, you can enhance the accessibility of your home and add more convenience to your life. ThyssenKrupp Access is one of the renowned residential elevator suppliers that provide quality mobility solutions.

LEV home elevator is available in two different models - LEV II elevator and the LEV II Builder. LEV II
residential elevators
provide safe and comfortable access to the different floors of your home – right from the basement to the attic. LEV II Builder adds an extended loading capability.

Available in compact design, LEV II home elevator offers luxury at an affordable price. This home elevator features class-leading technology and has an energy-efficient, counterweighted chain-drive system that makes it best suited for buildings with multiple floor plans. With an excellent loading capacity of 950 pounds, this home elevator can travel up to a maximum height of 50 feet and has an overhead clearance of 9 feet. It has a car size of 36"x 48" 36"x 60" 40"x 54" and a minimum pit depth of 6".

LEV II home elevator comes with a wide range of features.

• Fully automatic operation

• Upper and lower terminal limits

• Electromechanical door interlocks

• Slack chain safety device

• Emergency alarm button

• Emergency stop switch

• Exclusive PLS controller standard

• Counterweighted chain-drive system

• Programmable logic controller with digital signal processor

• Highly efficient, compact design

• Self-contained drive system

• Accordion gate

• Automatic battery-powered lowering during household power failure

What Are the Benefits of Using Lev II Home Elevator?

• With Lev II residential elevator, you'll have the most advanced home elevator technology available anywhere at a cost that's very budget-friendly.

• The counterweighted chain drive system makes it an energy-efficient model.

• Compared to other elevators in its class, it has more lifting power.

• No separate machine room required, so it takes up much less space in your home.

• The compact design, self-contained drive system and shallow pit (only 6") allow you to install the Lev II anywhere in your home.

• Apart from enhancing the accessibility of your home, it can dramatically increase its marketability.

• Can make five stops.

Lev II
home elevator
is incorporated with all the safety features that you'd expect in a more expensive elevator. It features battery back-up system, in-car phone, emergency alarms, emergency stop switch, and much more. To prevent accidents, the doors have special interlocks. Another important feature of this residential elevator is that it can be personalized to be just the right solution for your home.

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