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Set Actual

True or false, Conservatives "change stances", Liberals "flip flop"?

Is this or is this not a double standard being set?

Actual answer from a Romney worshiper : "Romney has changed his stance on things from one position to another. That isn't flip flopping. What Obama did on gay marriage is flip flopping"

But, but, but...Obama changed his stance, so that is not flip flopping right?

Conservatives, your not playing games with definitions are you? Jesus does not like deception and setting a double standard is a form of deception.

So let's get this straight...Romney in the 90's in favor of gun control and assault weapons ban VS. the 2012 Romney who is an NRA Poster Boy is a CHANGE IN STANCE NOT A FLIP FLOP?

Romney changed his stance on abortion too right...not a flip flop?

So you agree then that Obama did not flip flop on same sex marriage, he just changed his stance and that is ok for all politicians to do?;_ylt=AmynDrccAUbSibWMf5EpSgHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120511141140AAOdUXp

False. Obama's shift from supporting equal rights for gay couples but not calling it "marriage" to calling it "marriage" is more of a stance change. Romney's shift from "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" to taking full credit for the success of the auto manufacturing bailouts is more of a complete flip-flop.

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