October 2018
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Shallow Lot

How do I subtly get a really great photo?

This will probably sound stupid haha but help me out. There are plenty of sluts out to get my boyfriend, and I want to show them he's mine.
I want to get a great profile pic on facebook of me with him, me looking really pretty. But I want to be subtle about it, not like "I'm so hot" like every other girls photos of themselves.
Please don't think I'm shallow, lots of people just see me as a loser and like he deserves better, but I know I can be pretty when I want too. Is there a way I can get a really natural looking photo of us?

kissing is to desperate and obv. go on a date or somewhere fun like: ice skating or a park. bring your camera and just have fun and capture the memories :) maybe some hugging some laughing :D D that will subtle. hope all go's well :)

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