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Skidsteer Trailer

skidsteer trailer sizes?

i owna cub cadet ex3200 series tractor. i am not sure what the total GVWR is but i believee it is about 3000 to 5000 pounds. if the tractor is 5000 pounds does that mean i get a 5000 pound GVWR trailer. what would yourecommendd for a 5000 pound tractor?

(sorry for the complication in the question.)

NO! :) gvwr means gross vehicle weight rating. so if you have a trailer with 5000lb gvwr. that means the weight of the trailer, the tractor, the gas can, the chains, if you fart in a mcdonalds cup and put it on the trailer you are supposed to count it. so whatever your machine and everything that goes with it equals "x" trailer weight equals "y" x+y=gvwr. a trailer capable is going to have a gvwr of 6500 to 8000 lbs depending on what the trailer is made of and what else you want to put on the trailer besides the tractor.

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