July 2018
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Snow Push

So me and my friend sara are doing the talent show together...?

we were gonna do it at our first school talent show with her cousin too but unfortunately the snow pushed the date back and none of us could make it. Now the spring talent show is coming up and we weere gonna try it again and now her cousin can't come AGAIN because she got invited to senior prom and it just so happens to be on the day of our talent show ( She goes to a different school btw). So her cousin plays the guiat i play the piano and sara sings but now we only have a piano and vocalist which i think would sound good but we have to change the song. We were gonna do an acoustic version of the only exception by paramore but now we cant because we have no acoustic. Now that i gave you the backstory my question is does anyone have any suggestions for songs that would sound good with only a piano and vocalist. I'd like it to be a pretty well known song as well. And i'd also appreciate it if there were no smart ass answers either. Thankss

Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, and Billy Joel songs might work.

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