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Specs Brochure

we have a newmar dutchstar 3865 American rv 315 Cummings engine. what is the cc..can anyone help please?

We needto find this out for the insurance...It is not on the "logue book" or in the spec brochure...

To accurately answer your question we would need to know the specific model number of the Cummins engine. The 315 number you listed is the horsepower rating, and could be misleading. The model number is stamped on a metal plate that is attached to either the front of the engine,or the side of the timing gear cover.

Just as a "ballpark" guess, Cummins diesel engines of this horsepower rating are usually from the model series that will begin with the letter "N" (such as NTC315). These engines are 855 cubic inches, or 14 (actually 14.25)) liters displacement.

Any RV dealer, or diesel repair shop should be able to give you this infornation just by looking at the engine.

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