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Steer Service

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Any advice for my 2000 Buick Regal LS?

I just need some advice to some minor problems on my '00 Regal LS. Best answer to the most informative!!

1. Recently my Anti-Lock Brake light comes on. Not every time I start, but about half the time. I just had my brakes and rotors all replaced, as well as the power steering serviced. So as far as the brake system goes, it's all brand new. Since we started having bad weather, this began to happen. Is it just a censor or could it be serious?

2. My digital odometer display is not working. Every once in a while when I start the car in the morning, and it's cold, it will come on very dim. I'm assuming that Buick only made as many clusters as they did vehicles, so the only way to fix it would be to have my cluster serviced. Any idea as to where I can get that done for a good price? And if it's somewhere I send it to online, will my car function without a cluster in it for the time it takes to repair it?

Thanks in advance to anybody who could help me with these minor issues.

First,your abs light is on so it will have a code in the system and will need to be read.This will give some direction in diagnosing the problem.It could be any part of the system from a wheel speed sensor to the Electronic Brake Control Module(EBCM).I'm assuming you don't have traction control or that light would be on too.Basically,each hub has a tone ring that spins with the hub and the sensors read the speed of the ring.If the EBCM doesn't receive a signal from a sensor,or an erratic signal, it will have a code for it.Your description sounds like you have water intrusion or a tempature change making sensative parts fail.You really need to have the codes read to send you in the right direction.
As for your dash,There are a few bulletins from GM about dash problems.The part number can be read from your dash and a replacement ordered.Your dash can stay in your car and exchanged when the new one comes in.Their priced between $200-$300.

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