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Subfloor Screws

Is $7,121.16 a reasonable price for replacing a bathroom floor with ceramic tile & replacing the tub & toilet?

Demolition is to start tomorrow & will last 2 days. Everything in the bathroom will be removed & hauled to the dump by the contractor. The sink and fixtures for the tub, shower & sink are the only things which won't be replaced.

The price includes reinstallation, replacing copper lines & joists, painting walls & ceiling. Greenboard is to be used behind the tub & Hardiboard thinset to subfloor & screwed to subfloor.

The entire job will last two weeks.
Barbara, the tub will be cast iron.

Unfortunately, there aren't alot of people who do vinyl floors (which is what we were going with originally). We searched for several months before finding his one.We got estimates for both vinyl and ceramic tile. There was only $100 difference. So we went with the ceramic tile. The contractor has been in busiess for over 20 years and is licensed, bonded & insured.

Reasonable is relative to what you can afford, and your trust in the contractor.

I understand replacing "Joists"??? Kind of... I mean I understand the term and the process, just not why you need that.

2 weeks is a huge amount of time, even for one person to do what you describe, but again, if you trust the contractor then perhaps you can live out of another bathroom.

To get a more clear picture,,, try this.

Assume the contractor will work and charge 40 hours a week,,,a normal consideration in most full time jobs. At 80 hours and $7121. 16 The contractor is charging, $87.76 per hour. I'd say he better be worth every penny.

Certainly he will have consumables he may be charging for, and the clean up, though that should be included as well as the prep,,,in general terms for the bid. Does that also include the dumster fee issue? I pay as much as $400 for a 10 yard, filled and hauled away,,,one time.

I'd also suggest to you and the contractor that green board might be ok as a substrate, but I'd ask about concrete backer board in the shower/tub area, as well as a sub flooring.

My usual fees run from $25 to $40 per hour, which seems fair to me, and customers. I do add some materials costs, and any additional labor I enlist. I'd have to say $87.76 is a great hourly wage,,,even for a Brain Surgeon,,,smiles.

Rev. Steven

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