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System Combo

The Accu Chek Combo System - The Best Meter Pump Combo You Can Get?

Diabetes is a big enough problem all by its self, so dealing with it without the right tools can be almost impossible. With the best tools and some self discipline, not only can you manage your diabetes, you can take control of it using the
Accu Chek Combo
. Employing cutting edge technology to provide you with the information you need at a moments notice, giving you some new found freedom.

Some of the Benefits

Having control over the pumps function remotely is something that gives you a sense of privacy and discreetness while in plain view, all made possible by Bluetooth wireless technology. Whatever you would do with your hand on the pump you can do remotely including delivering a bolus dosage while monitoring the status and activity right in the palm of your hand.

Since you are operating the pump remotely you never have to actually look at it, so it is kept as discreet as you want to keep it.

• A bolus calculator, that is completely customizable, is on the combo meter so you can administer a fast, simple bolus dosage all while maintaining your privacy.

Data Transfer is Possible with These

• Using the 360° software

• Or using the Smart Pix reader

• Using the 360° USB cable

• Or using a Real time USB cable

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to user friendly tools, and that is exactly what you get with the data transfer abilities that not only helps you manage your condition, but has preset and customizable reminders.

Having built in warning signals for high or low glucose levels is another liberating feature that gives you more confidence not to mention warnings for pump occlusions and more.

The warning signals can be customized to your specific pump therapy parameters so you can know that it is working within your personal needs.

Features and Benefits of the Pump

Pump menus are customizable as well, the menus are standard, advanced and custom, which seems a little misleading because they can all be customized. The menus are set up so that you can learn as you go, in a step by step manner so you will be able to set the pump for your daily needs.

It’s water proof, so if you are active that is just one less thing to worry about. It is rated for submersion up to 8 foot if water for sixty minutes. That doesn’t mean that you can scuba dive with it, but it does mean that incidental water contact isn’t a problem at all. Ultimately the warranty will govern what you should and should not do with the combo system, so be sure to read up on that.

Keeping the pump discreet isn’t an issue, so if you are self conscience or just don’t want people knowing your business it can be operated easily from under your clothing. It has tactile buttons to make it easy to operate, even without the meter.

The reservoir holds 315 U of insulin so you won’t need to refill as often, saving you some time and trouble, plus it is easy to fill.

For those who require insulin delivery from a pump the combo system has a basal rate that is small enough for 99% of those who do with a pump rate of 0.05 U/hr. The delivery method is what makes this possible by using a small dosing spread out over an entire hour, which breaks down to a small dose every three minutes or twenty times in an hour instead of just a few larger doses within the same time frame.

An occlusion rate that is very sensitive and highly developed to be able to detect a change on average of 0.7h with a basal rate of 0.1U/hr which ensures a continuous, reliable delivery of insulin as required. It will also help to steady and improve your blood glucose management by reducing occlusion related blood sugar spikes which may be more familiarly known as hyperglycemia.

Features and Benefits of the Meter

The meter has a full color display for clear and easy to read enhanced graphs with key and important items being highlighted.

Sending a bolus dosage command to the pump has never been this discreet with the Bluetooth wireless system you can send a command for dosing from two meters away.

Easy to use menu driven interface helps simplify the three menus used to operate the meter. With intuitive functionality designed into every aspect of the meter you will have no problem growing into the features as you use and become familiar with them enabling you to feel confident in this type of treatment.

A straight forward intuitive bolus calculator is on the meter to determine glucose levels in the blood and accurately identify the insulin delivery necessary.

Reminders that are customizable so you can change infusion sets, remind you of doctor’s appointments, to retest after meals and to indicate if any of the test results are out of range.

A Few Final Thoughts

Diabetes is a tough road to walk, but I think it sure is a lot easier with tools like the combo system that takes advantage of technology to help you live your life while helping you to maintain some privacy. I also like the reminders and the
glucose range monitor
that helps you to know if you need to take action if your glucose is out of range. Finally I like that its remote control and discreet because you don’t have t look at the pump to know you need to take action or receive reminders.

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