September 2018
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Tan Hard

awful sunburn on my face, and now im peeling. BAD. helppppppppp!!?

so i used an acne cream for my face, and then i spent three days out at the lake. so my face was getting non stop sun all weekend.
then the last night, i noticed my face skin hurt, SO BAD, and i couldn't move my face, talk, eat or anything because my face, was so stiff. and now, 2 days later, half of my face has peeled and is white, and the other half is still tan, hard, and stiff.
what can i do to get all the peeling off?
and even my skin tone.
BY THIS FRIDAY? im going on to an important party thing:// PLEASE HELP!!

alloea oil and after sun leave the peal on its ure bodys defence to infections. let it fall off

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