June 2018
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Tapered Reamer

Crescent wrench or....?

My neighbor said I needed a Crescent wrench to fix my leaky faucet. Would a Croissant wrench work as well? Is one metric and the other imperial or British Standard Whitworth?

Another question do tapered reamers come in both metric and imperial sizes, it would seem to make a difference when reaming out a hole as I have a 3mm drill and I need to enlarge the hole to ¼ inch and I can’t afford to over size the part.

I don't remember ever seeing a metric reamer,and yes do use a crescent wrench to fix your faucet. You could also use a Monkey wrench,and yes ,a crescent wrench, pipe wrench and monkey wrenches are all different. A Monkey wrench will open up allot wider then a crescent wrench will, and like the crescent wrench, it doesn't have any teeth to scratch up the finish. Smooth Jawed they are. Byee

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