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Temporary Fencing

Temporary fence for kids?

I live on a corner lot, so I have 2 huge side yards and not much of a backyard. I'm looking for a temporary fence solution for kids, one that I could potentially put up and then take down during the winter months (even though that's not a deal breaker) in order to keep the kids in a safe space. I've seen driveway guards and portable baby gates (too small) but I'm not sure what is best to use or where to find a solution other than a permanent fence due to the cost. I want a space that can fit a decent size swing set, sandbox, etc., so maybe 120sq ft or so? Any suggestions?
I have looked at the vinyl fences and mesh type fences, as well, so those suggestions and experiences help solidify what I was looking at and definitely not expensive. Just don't want to spend a couple grand on it and if I want to expand the space, I can do that with those, too.

Anything that is temporary won't be sturdy enough to keep the kids in or heaven forbid fall on them. In order to have it sturdy you have to have posts in the ground to hold the fencing. .Chain link fencing is about the cheapest and can be put up with t bar posts. A 4 foot high galvanized chain link will cost about $2.30 a square foot plus the posts and gate if you want one. Why not pick an area and fence it in.

15' by 15' would give you 200 square feet--$2.30 x 60= $138 plus your posts and gate if you want one. If they are simply driven into the ground and not cemented you could easily remove the fence when the kids are older and don't need the fence or if you decided to fence the whole yard

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