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The Ram 1500: A High Performance Half-ton Wonder

The Ram 1500 has been colloquially called the ½ ton since its introduction in 1981. It’s one of the most consumer friendly models in Ram’s high-performance truck line. It’s a favorite among families in Edmonton, Alberta because of its combination of industrial level power in a family friendly package. The plethora of features that this vehicle offers is one of the main reasons why it accrues so many awards with every new variant.


The truck comes standard with Ram’s superb 5.7L Hemi V8 engine. It provides unprecedented power and performance for a vehicle in its class. Cruising down the highway while under load won’t slow you down thanks to the 390 brake horsepower hiding under the hood. Uphill climbs and overtaking slower vehicles is also no problem thanks to more than 400 foot pounds of available torque.


For a vehicle with a big engine and an even bigger chassis, the ½ ton handles like a dream. Its patented multi-coil suspension system ensures a high-quality and comfortable ride. Because of the precision balance between the front and rear spring rates, back-end hops from uneven roads are virtually eliminated.


The exterior styling of the
Edmonton Ram ½ ton
manages to be fresh and new while still harkening back to the decades of history behind it. It still bears the classic crosshair front grill that it shares with all the other Ram truck variants and marries it with the sleek and futuristic lines of the chassis. Aftermarket add-ons are also available to further improve its looks. Chrome handles, badges and side skirts are just a few of the things that owners can use to beautify the 1500.


The cabin of the
Edmonton Ram ½ ton
belies its rugged exterior. Scattered everywhere are little touches that truly show the care and thought that went into the design. Passenger comfort was obviously of paramount importance to the engineers as evidenced by the heated steering wheel, fully-adjustable seats and motorized sunroof. In addition, wood and chrome accents give the space a touch of elegance unmatched by other vehicles in its class.

Entertainment System

The built-in entertainment system of the
Edmonton Ram ½ ton
is something special. Available options include mobile wireless internet access, rear seat televisions, integrated DVD players, SIRIUS satellite radios, and an MP3/AM/FM player with its own HDD.

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