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Tow Strap

i am looking for tow rope or a tow strap for my atv?

what would be better a tow rope or a tow strap something that would not cost a lot of money i would use it to get out of mud and other things

stuck in the mud huh...

Any kind of towing harness is made for just that. towing. pulling something from a ditch/ snow/mud etc can be dangerous.

Tow--- you are pulling an object that is on wheels thus only pulling the weight needed to move the vehicle. A man that can only bench-press 200 pounds can push a 3500 pound car.

extracting a vehicle.-- removing an object that is being restrained.
Every try walking across the mud and get a few steps only to find you just lost your shoe? or worse yet can't pick up your feet.

most tow ropes-straps and chains come with a rating of how much they can take before it breaks.

As someone who has broken chains robes and straps. I can tell you this.

A Strap is what you want to use.

Ropes normally have a metal hook on both ends. and when that puppy snaps you better be 50 feet away. I had one break the hook and what was left of the hook came flying back and put a hole in my tailgate. and if the rope breaks in the middle that is no joke either. that small end can recoil and come hit you like whip.

Chains are great . but they are heavy and cumbersome. Every try to trow a chain to your buddy who is in the middle of the mud bog. better have his helmet on. When a chain breaks it is less dramatic normally there is very little recoil on the chain unlike the rope.

the strap is all cloth and it is woven. so when it breaks it will do less damage to you and your vehicle. these usually have loops on the ends so it makes it great for hooking it on to anything any size. loop it threw tself and you can hook to the handle bars. where as a hook might just bend the small bar you hook it too. double it up and encrease the pulling power by raising the breaking point.

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