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What Are High Lift Pallet Trucks?(scissor lift pallet trucks )

Pallet trucks are essential pieces of kit with most warehouses, loading bays, storage facilities and industrial units relying on a truck in one form or another. Pallet trucks – or pump trucks as they are also known- are used to lift and transport pallets and the goods that are loaded with them. They offer certain advantages over alternatives like the forklift.

As with any piece of industrial equipment, there is no one size fits all approach and under the umbrella of the term pallet truck lie many specific problem-solving solutions, tailored to a wide range of different requirements and budgets. One such solution is the high lift pallet truck.

High lift pallet trucks are sometimes referred to as scissor lift pallet trucks or even hi lifters. As their name suggests, they are designed to make it possible to lift pallets to a height that is ergonomic. More specifically this type of truck is used to bring the top level of a pallet to waist height so that there is no need for the operator to bend down to pick up or put down items that are loaded on it, such as sacks or boxes.

With such an ergonomic function, high lift pallet trucks have a key role in relieving repetitive strain back injury. You may well see a high lift pallet truck being used on the factory floor in packing or product transfer areas. They combine the functions of a conventional pump truck with a scissor lift table, making the work of employees less harmful to core muscles and bones.

Most high lift pallet trucks consist of a telescopic jack composed of 3 piston rods that create light pumping force, which in turn results in great rigidity. The descending speed is automatically slowed when heavy goods are loaded to lessen the chances of cargo damage. Others will sport additional functionality such as a tilt facility. This allows the operator to tip a load in to a cage or fence pallet. They may also boast fixed fork stabilizers to ensure rigidity.

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