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okay so i have a male guinea pig and i bought him about a month and a half ago and i give him all the things he needs but he isnt active at ALL! i tried puting him in his ball so he can run around and i came back in 1/2 and hour and he didnt move at all, and everythime i walk in my room where he is he runs into his little igloo. I try to play with him to keep him healthy but there is no point cause he wont move and no he isnt dead! hes totally healthly and should be used to his surroundings but he still dosnt move and hides all the time he also tries to go in the dark as much as he can and i have exposed him to darkness and light. Also he make little squeaking sounds when anybody holds him and i have heard there bad and that there good!! please help me!!!!!!!

Firstly please do NOT put a guinea pig in a ball!

Guinea pigs are not flexible like hamsters are and have difficulty using balls and wheels. Their spines are not meant to bend that way and they can suffer serious injuries. It may be that your guinea pig finds the ball uncomfortable, even painful. He probably is also terrified.

Your guinea pig needs to be let out to exercise in a safe area, such a safe room or playpen. Just let him wander around on the floor - not in a ball.

It is also likely that your guinea pig seems inactive because he has nothing to do. This is usually due to cages being far too small. The bare minimum cage size for a guinea pig is around 7.5 - 8 sq feet of floor space. Any smaller and the guinea pig can not actually run laps, explore or popcorn properly.
A large cage also enables you to provide suitable toys like tunnels to run through, cardboard boxes and tubes, store bought small animal toys, etc.

Also bear in mind that guinea pigs are a social species and need the company of their own kind. A guinea pig won't really play on its own - with a buddy they will play chase games and "follow the leader" etc. It is not unusual for single guinea pigs to be lonely and inactive.

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