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After doing shin exercises my shins feel more sensitive?

I recently got a shin splint in right leg after walking too much. It isn't as bad after 3 weeks, but there is still occasional pain. I found some exercises to do, eg toe and heel rases. Now my left shin feels sensitive at times. i am 25, eat healthy, not heavy, and never had this problem ever. Should i continue stretches or rest? I dont do any sport, my exercise is cleaning the house and shopping for food which is everyday.

Go slowly with the exercises. Rest and ice. The following steps are part of the multifaceted approach to treating shin splints:

•Workouts such as stationary bicycling or pool running: These will allow maintenance of cardiovascular fitness.
•Application of ice packs reduces inflammation.
•Anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin); naproxen (Aleve/Naprosyn), are also a central part of rehabilitation.
•A 4-inch wide Ace bandage wrapped around the region also helps reduce discomfort.
•Calf and anterior (front of) leg stretching and strengthening address the biomechanical problems discussed above and reduce pain.
•Pay careful attention to selecting the correct running shoe based upon the foot type (flexible pronator vs. rigid supinator). This is extremely important. In selected cases, shoe inserts (orthotics) may be necessary.
•Stretching and strengthening exercises are done twice a day.
•Run only when symptoms have generally resolved (often about two weeks) and with several restrictions:

1.A level and soft terrain is best.
2.Distance is limited to 50% of that tolerated preinjury.
3.Intensity (pace) is similarly cut by one half.
4.Over a three- to six-week period, a gradual increase in distance is allowed.
5.Only then can a gradual increase in pace be attempted.

The extent of injury that occurs prior to any rehabilitation program plays a significant role in determining the time frame necessary for complete recovery.


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