September 2017
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Universal Attach

Problem with Universal Studios E-tickets.?

Just a few hours ago, I purchased e-tickets from Universal Studios Hollywood from my school since they had a discount. After paying for the tickets, they sent me an e-mail confirming that my credit card information was processed and that email was supposed to have my e-tickets for Universal attached as a pdf but the problem is that they sent me an email without an attachment! I tried contacting them but they're closed and this is not scam because I purchased the discounted ones through my school but they sent me a confirmatio email without my tickets that was suppose to be attached to the pdf so what should I do? Contact them tomorrow since that's when they're open or is there another option?

Same thing happened to me before. They send you a different e-mail with the tickets attached that's separate from the confirmation e-mail. If they close while it's still processing, it won't go through until the open. Give them a call when they open.

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