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Utility Cargo

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A questoin for the ladies...Kilt? or No Kilt?

What do you all think of men in kilts? Not necessarily the tartain (plaid) traditionals, but the modern utility/cargo style ones? A buddy of mine thinks I'm nuts for wearing them, but the face to face comments have been overwhelmingly positive. All opinions appreciated (even if you leave sarcastic crap, at least I got you to read HA!!!).
BTW, commando is always in order and I have won bets over this issue from both M&F.

I think they are just about the most flattering garment a man can wear. They make fat men look impressive and weedy men look more powerful, you just can't go wrong, they are also one of the most comfortable things you could wear, just go for it! More men should have the courage to explore these new options and make life freer and richer for us all.

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