October 2017
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Video Camera

What's a good HD video camera to use with a capture card?

I am hoping to make a few youtube videos of some game-play using a capture card and a video camera for the audio. I need to be doing both at the same time. I need suggestions for a inexpensive HD camera with decent audio pickup. Also any suggestions for my video-making would be appreciated.
Multiple people need to be recorded.
Would just a mic and a capture card work for recording audio and video at the same time?

In answer to your first question -- you don't need a video camera for the audio, and you are probably feeding the capture card with the game video, so you don't need a video camera at all (unless you plan to shoot your commentator/players faces, but it sounds like you are going to use the game as the video).

In answer to your second question -- yes!
Connect your game to the capture card for the video, and your mic to the computer (not the capture card, unless it has a mic-level input) for the audio.
I would recommend a PZM or edge effect microphone in the middle of a table with your players/commentators sitting around the table.

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