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Warner Swasey

Warner Swasey scope on Springfield's?

I've seen quite a few pictures and read a bit about 1903 Springfield's with a Warner swasey scope, does anyone know where I could buy a reproduction or maybe even an original at a good price? Also any information on these would be nice as I haven't been able to find out much. Thanks

Kieth The model 1913 was better than the 08 model however for the time the warner swasey musket sight was all the U S Army had in WW1. Those men made the best of what that had and got real good. The Marine's got to use a Weaver Scope. I own and use both the 08 and the 13 model scope mated to a springfield 03 30-06 cal,and practice alot. What ever you do with whatever you get new or vintage it's the skill of the shooter. Besides when I take out my 03 with the warner swasey and split the target at 600 yds. the younger men with the fancy scopes just come over to see what I have that looks so diffrent. If that is what you are looking for check out gunbroker and sometimes E-bay. good luck and good shooting

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