January 2018
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Way Radio

Two Way Radios for Camping?

I would like to know what advice you would have for me regarding two way radios (walkie talkies) to use while fishing and camping in the bush.

What kind of distance can I expect to get in thick woods and rocky hills and valleys in the Wilderness.

What are your experiences with various radios in the wilderness, and how much did you pay for the pair (indicate US/Canadian Dollars, or whatever else)

My cousin and I got a pair of LXT300VP3 2-way radios for about $36 US from an EMT newsletter (though I think many retailers have it at a similar price). It worked pretty good in and around several glacial lakes. We were able to stay in communication at about 11 miles on fairly flat land with modest forestry between us, and the power-boost setting on.

They're really nice for so cheap, and are similar to the Midland GXT550VP4's our search-and-rescue club use.

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