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Way Vertical

I have a couple questions about dancing ? pictures*?

I am trying to get my heel stretch for dance, I used to be able to lift my leg up all the way vertical but I broke my ankle and had to stop dancing for a about 6 months , well I'm back , and I don't have as much flexibility anymore since I wasn't able to stretch, so I'm trying to get my heel stretch again , am I doing it wrong ? If so how do I do it the right way ?

and also I stretch (now) everyday, but I still get a sore feeling, I don't overstretch, so what's the problem ? thanks in advanced
btw , i have all my splits down, even my straddle split : )

I don't see anything wrong with the way you are doing it...I just think that you need to stretch your splits so that the heel stretch will be easier to do. Another thing that I have found helps with that is putting your leg against the wall and pushing it against it everyday until you can do the stretch again. Eventually, after constant stretching you will be able to do the heel stretch again, just don't give up. The sore feeling is normal since you have not done it in a long time but, it will go away after you have done the stretch long enough.........Hope you can do it again! And thanks for giving an answer to my question.

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